BandManage Health
Family health in your hands

Prevent health events
By detecting early physiological changes


A personalized, early-detection and prevention health-management solution for seniors and their care circles. Utilizing smart wearables, BandManage tracks individual physiological patterns, notifies caregivers about changes, and predicts health events about to occur.


Detects physiological changes unique to each individual
  Predicts suspected health occurrences
  Flags caregivers and families
  Improves overall health


Competitive advantage

Offering better preventive care, and enhancing staff efficiency, BandManage is a personalized physiological end-to-end solution, requiring easy implementation and low-cost installation, that translates into a high ROI, constituting a unique advantage over other competing care concepts.



Investment opportunity

BandManage targets a vast market of 20M+ seniors residing in a variety of assisted-care and independent-living facilities throughout the U.S.

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